Poultry- Chickens And Ducks

We are aware of the growing trend of poultry keeping and as such we now stock a range of foods and accessories for your Chickens and Ducks. Due to the vast range and size of poultry houses we are able to order these in store for you. Please speak to a member of staff who will discuss your needs and will beable to recommend the appropriate house for your poultry.

Poultry Feeds - Chicken And Ducks

In most cases you can purchase as small or large a quantity of food from as little as a kilo in weight to a 20 kilo sack.Listed below is a selection of the foods we have in stock to feed your Chickens and Ducks.

  • Chick crumbs
  • Poultry Corn
  • Layers Pellets and mash
  • Growers pellets
  • Treat bars
  • Grit

Poultry Accessories

We stock a range of accessories including the following:

  • Feeders and drinkers 1.5ltr - 12ltr capacity
  • Leg rings
  • Troughs - (to order)
  • Galvanised feeders -(to order)
  • Incubators - (to order)
  • Sawdust

Poultry Treatments

  • Wormers
  • Conditioners
  • Housing spray
  • Mite and parasite sprays
  • Antibacterial powder
  • Cider vinegar
  • Scaly cream
  • Anti peck spray
  • Septi-clense spray/powder

If there is a particular product you require that we don't currently stock we will be happy to order this in for you.


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